Pıckıng the Best Ingredıents

We have excelled in creating wonderfully tasty and high quality standart food using the best quality ingredients which are controlled by our qualified staff on regular basis.


High standart of hygiene is company policy. A team of Professional staff are experienced in creating hygiene using the utmost care in health an hygiene regulations.


We offer our customers a great variety of cuisine originated from traditional Turkish taste in the hope of satisfying customers with different tastes.



Happy customers

Mardo Espresso:
It is Mardo’s own special blend of coffee made from 100% Arabica seeds known as Brasil Yellow Bourbon ang Guatemala Seeds.

This special blend has a fresh aroma which makes your coffee highly smooth with a hutty and spicy texture.

Our blend is the beautiful mixture of high quality and tasty coffee seeds from two different areas colleceted from the coffee trees grown on mountain tops 1100-1500 meters high.

Apart from our espresso seeds we offer our customers a great range of filter coffee options prepared using the best quality coffee beans imported from different parts of the world.



Mardo was originated by Ali Ağıt who faced financial difficulties while working as an official fort he government and thought of doing some extra work.So he sold icecream in his home town. But he wasn’t happy about the icecream consisted of a lot of artificial ingredients. This is when he decided to set up a small ice cream factory.

In 1988, with the help of his wife Sevgi Ağıt, he started his own ice cream production.He used fresh fruits and milk to produce ice cream.Eventually he had to leave his job as an official to expand his ice cream factory to meet the increasing demand for his ice cream.This then led to the production of his own delicious ice cream brand MARDO which everyone become fond of.I wasn’t long after than that he opened his very first ice cream shop in his home town an his oldest son Orhan Ağıt opened the second ice cream shop in Kyrenia.

Today there are 21 Mardo ice cream shops/cafes in Cyprus an d Ali Ağıt’s youngest son Gökhan Ağıt introduced Mardo ice cream to İstanbul,Turkey where Mardo ice crem sells in trendy cafes and restaurants as SAGO ice cream.